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Review: Camino 1.5

Is software bloat inevitable? Firefox started out fast and light on its feet, but has slowed down and gained bulk in middle age. Before Firefox, Internet Explorer and Netscape went through the same thing.

Camino, on the other hand, is fast and light, like those other browsers used to be. Version 1.5, which shipped on Tuesday, June 5, gives Camino the features it needs to compete with other Mac browsers, without adding unnecessary capabilities that would make it fat and slow.

Camino (which is Spanish for "way" or "path") combines the superior tab-handling and some of the customizability of Firefox with Safari's native Mac OS X integration. New features in Version 1.5 include: improved tabbed browsing, session-saving, feed detection to allow you to automatically subscribe to RSS feeds in your desktop feed-reader of choice, inline spell checking based on the built-in Mac OS X spellchecker, and auto-completion for forms.

Camino offers everything Firefox does -- and less.

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