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RedCannon's Fireball Keypoint

As soon as I plugged KeyPoint into my laptop, the device connected with the RedCannon Web site, then checked to see if its loaded software was current. After determining that no updates were available, KeyPoint launched a splash screen and proceeded to run the included spyware scan. Both software and spyware updates can be scheduled on a user-configurable basis as well as invoked manually.

Depending on the size of your disk and the amount of data to be examined, the search can consume quite a bit of time. But you can watch the file names zip by while the scan is occurring, so at least you know it's working.

While the spyware scan is taking place, you'll see pulsing lights on the KeyPoint unit. I could tell that the device was using USB 1.1 instead of its preferred 2.0 because the light was pulsing green--USB 2.0 sets off an orange light.

Fireball KeyPoint

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Aside from grooving to the pulsing lights, you can access the unprotected storage while the spyware scan is running. However, you won't be able to access your secure data or use the included e-mail and browser. Thankfully, you can skip the spyware scan if you're comfortable with the level of security on the computer you're plugged into.

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