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Recipe: Build a Podcast PC and Studio

System builders, listen up: Podcasting isn't just for the kids anymore. Everyone from small businesses to corporate giants like GM is now offering podcasts directly from their Web sites. For system builders, podcasting is a great way to communicate with associates, partners, and on-the-go customers. Building podcasting systems for customers is also a great way for system builders to expand their product and services offerings.

Several benefits are available from podcasting. Companies can use podcasts to speak directly to clients, effectively extending the reach of the system builder's Web site. Because clients must register to receive podcasts, they are more likely to take the time to listen to them. While busy clients may not visit your Web site daily, listening to a podcast is easy and convenient. Today, quality audio podcasts are easy to produce and great advertising. And best of all, podcasting is free.

System builders can create their own podcasting setups, too. It's a great way to send clients the latest PC-technology updates. Tell them about upgrades to new technologies. Provide special offers, rebates and recalls. And send out security alerts.

In short, podcasting can offer a unique and powerful form of information delivery and advertising for you and your clients.

In this recipe, I will explore what podcasts are, how they work, and how to make them available from a Web site. I will also show how to build an efficient, affordable PC that can be used to produce high-quality audio content for podcasts. I will also recommend hardware and software that can improve podcast quality, and I'll let share my favorite podcasting tips and tricks.

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