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Quick Review: palmOne Treo 650

In Short
  • Product: palmOne Treo
  • Version: 650
  • URLs
  • Pricing
    • palmOne Treo 650, $499 (with service agreement)
    • Service by Sprint PCS: Starting at $50/month
  • The Good
    • Server ActiveSync built in to connect to Exchange server
    • Able to perform major phone/PDA functions without a stylus
    • Refined features, such as dedicated ringer switch
  • The Bad
    • Keyboard too small for large fingers
    • Unable to receive calls while syncing with PC

Among the additions are a higher resolution screen, a removable battery, Bluetooth support and a digital camera. Of these, the Bluetooth radio is the most significant. I tested this functionality by setting up a Bluetooth Hotsync connection with my PC and using a wireless headset. Setting up both of these options was quick and painless with the device's included tools.

Touch and Feel

The Treo 650: Your electronic Swiss Army Knife

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A couple of nice touches give the Treo a mature, polished feel. The device has a ringer switch on top, the position of which determines whether the phone will ring or vibrate, allowing you to quickly switch the phone to vibrate mode as you are walking into a meeting or a movie theatre. I have owned phones that required three or four steps to do the same thing, so this was a most welcome addition. palmOne deserves credit for such a thoughtful design.

The Treo functions equally well as both a phone and a PDA. The device feels and weighs only slightly more than a standard cell phone, and the major functions of the unit can be accessed without a stylus and typically with only one hand. Dialing a number can be done either on the touchscreen or via the numeric keypad highlighted in the middle of the full QWERTY keyboard.

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