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Podcasting In Four Easy Steps

Advertisers, marketers and media relations are paying serious attention to portable media as a method to reach audiences.

Spending on advertising in blogs, podcasts, and real simple syndication (RSS) feeds is expected to rise 145 percent to $49.8 million this year, according to a recent report by PQ Media LLC. The research firm said music, comedy, and science and technology combined hold 27.3 percent share of downloads.

Rather than dig through the mounds of information on the Internet, here are four helpful steps for getting started with your own podcast.

1. Invest in a digital recorder or a microphone. A cheap one will typically pick up background noise. Behringer offers a Studio Condenser Microphone C-1 for $49.99. If money is no object, look for a large diaphragm condenser microphone to reproduce a warm representation of your voice. A good mic requires an external power source and could set you back up to $500.

Sony makes several digital recorders, such as the ICD-BM1, that uses memory sticks to store audio files. MiniDisc Players also do the trick.

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