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The NWC Interview: Adaptive Path's Jesse James Garrett

Jesse James Garrett
President, Adaptive Path

You personally coined the acronym Ajax (Asynchronous JavaScript and XML) a year and a half ago when you were trying to persuade a client to use the underlying technologies in a Web application. Because you're good at compressing ideas, how would you describe the business benefit of Ajax?

One benefit is making Web applications more responsive to users. The project that really got us interested in Ajax was an insurance company's policy-processing application--the software its agents used to manage the business. There was a considerable competitive advantage to be gained if that application was more responsive; there would be an opportunity to take business away from competitors.

Haven't the technologies underlying Ajax existed for years?

That's right. I have often been asked what it was about 2005 that made it ripe for Ajax in ways that 2001 or 1998 weren't. Basically, we got smarter as an industry about how to use these technologies effectively.

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