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Nokia Pushes Hard Into Smartphone E-Mail

Finnish mobile device giant Nokia said Tuesday that it will support most widely-used methods of pushing e-mail and other information to its smartphones.

Specifically, the company said that its smartphones will support push e-mail technology from Good Technology, IBM, Visto Oracle and Research In Motion (RIM). Specifically, it announced it has signed a development and marketing agreement with Good Technology, which ahs been challenging Research In Motion's BlackBerry mobile e-mail technology for the last couple of years.

Nokia said its smartphones will support the company's GoodLink push e-mail product. It previously had announced support for RIM's BlackBerry technology and said it will continue to work with RIM.

In addition, Nokia said it will continue to work with IBM to deliver enterprise e-mail via the WebSphere Everyplace client products and with Oracle to deploy e-mail access using Oracle's Collaboration suite. Nokia also said it will collaborate with Visto by providing support of that company's recently-announced push e-mail product.

All these announcements come in addition to its own mobile e-mail platform, the Nokia One Business Server.

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