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No Fair, Madonna's Got an iPhone!

Rumors are circulating that megastar Madonna and her daughter Lourdes are the proud owner of an iPhone--three months before the device will be officially released.

It all started when Madonna's daughter's iPod started "causing a commotion." The Material Girl quickly sent it off for repairs shouting, "rescue me." The blog Autoboard reports that Apple mogul Steve Jobs discovered little Lourdes was "true blue" over her iPod's plight and, "just like a prayer," came to the rescue with the brand-spankin' new iPhone (Editor's note: I'll stop with the song titles now).

Some folks who have seen the pictures of Madonna carrying the device are discounting the news, saying its just an another iPod she's carrying or that someone photo-shopped the iPhone into her hands. But if it's true, one could say that Madonna has a "lucky star" in the form of Steve Jobs (I'm sorry. I know I crossed the "borderline").

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