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The Next Wave Of Enterprise Smartphones: Page 2 of 2

The third element of the new wave involves a shift in applications. Early adoption of smartphones has been driven by mobile e-mail as the killer app. RIM set the bar early on for effective push-based e-mail service, and competitors responded with similar and even superior capabilities. While engineering an effective store-and-forward messaging service is no small challenge, it pales in comparison to a new generation of real-time mobile apps, including complex dual-band fixed-mobile convergence apps. Delivering highly available services while hiding system complexity from users will be quite a challenge.

There are times when it makes sense for IT to play the role of frugal guardian of a limited budget, to run every new idea through a stringent ROI analysis. Such an approach might lead some organizations to avoid the latest wave of smartphones and associated applications. But doing so will come at a high cost. Mobility is complex and hardly anyone gets it perfect the first time around--there's usually plenty of trial and error. Simply postponing the pain is poor strategy. The next wave is coming and it's time to ride it.

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