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Newbury, Senforce Release Wi-Fi Security Suite

Newbury Networks Inc., and Senforce Technologies, Inc. have integrated their wireless security products to allow organizations to manage Wi-Fi security policies throughout their networks.

By integrating Newbury's WiFi Watchdog with Senforce's endpoint security system (ESS), the companies say that they can provide wireless location-aware security down to the level of ports, interfaces, applications and wireless cards. Senforce ESS provides integrated endpoint security with centralized management and policy definition. Newbury's WiFi Watchdog allows organizations to determine the exact physical location of their 802.11 devices in real time and enforce physical location-based authentication and access control. The product includes intrusion detection as well as rogue detection and containment features.

"The proliferation of Wi-Fi fuels the need to protect the security and enhance the efficiency of the global mobile workforce within the enterprise and government sectors," Newbury Networks president and CEO Michael Maggio said in a statement. "Our partnership with Senforce extends the perimeter of protection and location beyond the proximity of organizations facilities to wherever wireless users travel. Our combined solution brings together two best-in- class solutions to ensure that business processes are safe and secure while significantly improving employee productivity."

Used in tandem, the products offer a physically-aware, centrally managed wireless security system, with Newbury WiFi Watchdog securing the infrastructure and Senforce ESS locking down the endpoints. Together, they can provide organizations with detailed, location-specific security alerts and combined server and endpoint detection, classification, and containment of rogue devices.