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Mobile WiMAX Roams The Outback

As the wireless world waits for the WiMAX Forum to certify a mobile standard for the technology's unwired broadband segment, a Texas company suggests looking at a network in Australia with more than 50,000 subscribers to get a picture of what to expect.

"We're giving you a preview of what's going to happen," said Sai Subramanian of Navini Networks in an interview this week.

Navini's Australian pre-Mobile WiMAX deployment already consists of some 50,000 Unwired Australia subscribers and, as of a few days ago, a relative handful from TV operator AUSTER in the city of Wagga Wagga. Subscribers of the two disparate service providers are set up to seamlessly roam between the two Mobile WiMAX networks, proving that roaming between networks is a reality.

"We found that all customers want to migrate to the WiMAX standard," said Subramanian, who is vice president of product management and strategic marketing at the Richardson, Texas, firm. "The catch is: they want to deploy today."

To ensure a smooth transition when the WiMAX Forum issues final specifications for 802.16e (Mobile WiMAX). Navini's key products, including customer modems, are software-upgradeable. The company has a comprehensive lineup of WiMAX products to control and ensure that the entire network, from origin to end user, functions properly.

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