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Mobile Device Management Products

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iAnywhere Solutions XcelleNet Afaria 5.1
Intellisync Systems Management
Mobile Automation Mobile Lifecycle Management Suite
Novell ZENworks Handheld Management
Mobile Devices Get Database Sync
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Last week, your marketing VP's cell phone contract expired. While shopping for a new service, she was dazzled by a smartphone that could do everything but order her morning latte. "Sign me up!" she said.

Even as you read this, that smartphone is busily downloading sensitive corporate data once stored on the VP's laptop. Why schlepp a PC, she figures, when the smartphone can store sales, customer and inventory information?

Worried? You should be. Although laptops are still the device of choice for most users, the increasing automation of business processes is driving a growing need for ubiquitous access to corporate data. Small mobile devices will soon pussyfoot their way into your enterprise, if they haven't already.

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