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Matthew J. Szulik, CEO, Red Hat Software: Page 4 of 5

What is Red Hat's road map for virtualization and Xen?

We're excited about the benefit to the customer in and around virtualization. But Xen and the virtualization engine is only a component of the solution. Customers are going to have to change work processes. They're going to have to deal with security and authentication. They're going to need the tools and the management infrastructure to implement the benefits of virtualization across their computing paradigm.

We don't think that's a product-driven solution. We think that it will increasingly create challenge and opportunity for both tools for core virtualization platform and management services to deliver the full benefits to the customer. The good news is that Fedora Core 5 and the upcoming Fedora Core 6 in September will give customers a great preview of the product component.

How will GPL 3 affect Red Hat and Red Hat Enterprise Linux?

There's been a lot of debate publicly regarding GPL 3, including digital rights management. We have continued to defer to Eben Moglen [general counsel for the Free Software Foundation] and the Free Software Foundation and EFF [Electronic Frontier Foundation], respectively. We are stepping back and observing right now--and hopefully becoming a good, attentive listener.