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On Location: Chicago Transit Authority

Five men crammed into a Crown Vic pursue their quarry through the sprawling grid of Chicago's streets. Tattered sheets of snow hiss across the windshield as the men hunch forward, squinting for a glimpse of their prey amid the traffic that snarls the high-rise downtown canyons.

"There it is," says one of the men.

"I see it," replies the driver. With his left hand he steers the Vic into position, while the right deftly operates a laptop mounted near the dash. An application flares to life. The driver types in his credentials, then the ID number of his prey.

His quarry is a city bus outfitted with the latest in transportation safety: A mobile video security system of five cameras and a DVR (digital video recorder), made accessible through a wireless router. If the system works as designed, live images will be transmitted from the cameras on the bus to the laptop on the car dash.

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