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On Location: Bank Gets the NAC for Internal Security

No CIO wants to take a step backward when securing an enterprise network. Yet that's exactly what Jim Hochstatter, the vice president of technology for Ulster Savings Bank, Kingston, NY, was asked to do when an auditor declared the bank's procedures for protecting against internal threats lacking.

"Based on how he interpreted Federal Reserve security rules, the auditor [from MessageSecure] was concerned with the accountability of internal activity on specific workstations and devices," Hochstatter says. "He felt a static IP environment was the best direction to go to help securely manage our end points."

But moving from DHCP, which dynamically assigns IP addresses to devices as they connect to the network, to a static IP environment was out of the question. "It's an archaic way to manage a network," Hochstatter says.

Yet he still had to find a way to address the auditor's concerns or face significant fines. After researching various alternatives he turned to an emerging product in the security arena: a network access control (NAC) appliance. The NAC deployment ensures that only authorized devices connect to the internal network and enforces security policies on those devices.

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