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IPWireless Delivers TDtv For Mobile TV

IPWireless Inc. on Wednesday launched TDtv, a Multimedia Broadcast Multicast Service (MBMS) mobile television platform that delivers broadcasts on the 3G spectrum.

Telecommunication carriers across Europe and Asia in 2000 spent billions to develop a 3G spectrum and have been searching for the next big application to justify the investment. "The irony is broadcast technologies, such as MediaFlow from Qualcomm, can't deliver over the 3G spectrum," said Jon Hambidge, vice president of marketing at IPWireless.

TDtv operates in the universal 3G spectrum bands at 1900MHz and 2010MHz. It allows Universal Mobile Telecommunication System (UMTS) operators to use existing spectrum and base stations to offer subscribers mobile television and multimedia packages without impacting other voice and data 3G services.

Several operators in Europe are expected to announce TDtv trials in 1900MHz unpaired 3G spectrums during the first half of this year. In Japan, IPMobile plans to trial the technology for their services in their 2010MHz spectrum. The solution will also become available to operators in the other frequency bands that IPWireless supports globally, including the 2.5GHz band.

TDtv lets operators deliver up to 50 channels of TV for standard mobile phones, or 15 high-quality Quarter VGA channels over 5-MHz of unpaired 3G spectrum to allow an infinite number of customers to watch the same channel. IPWireless said operators that have 10-MHz spectrums in any supported band can deliver twice the number of channels or increase the quality of their service offerings.

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