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IBM Touts 'Low-Carb' Blades

This announcement by IBM is the latest in what we expect to be a long line of "eco-friendly" data center announcements from all vendors that tout low-power processors for both the blade and rack-mount form factor. Companies are realizing that not only are there real issues with power and cooling in the data center, but that addressing these issues can benefit the environment.
S.J. Schuchart
NWC Managing Technology Editor

IBM is joining the green movement with its introduction of lower power-use servers that the vendor said would not only conserve energy but also deliver the same performance as servers that require higher wattage to run. The new BladeCenter and System X servers also promise to help lower CO2 emission levels with decreased power consumption.

Running on low-voltage AMD and Intel processors, IBM said could help companies conserve as much as 60 watts of energy for each two-socket blade servers. IBM said that in a company with 1000 blade servers, the new servers could reduce the release of CO2 by 20,000 pounds per year.

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