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HP ProCurve Delivers NAC, ID Management Upgrades

HP's ProCurve Network Immunity Manager is a plug-in to ProCurve Manager Plus 2.2, which lets the network respond to threats by analyzing data from ProCurve switches as well as some third-party products. The Network Immunity Manager is the latest in a long line of improvements ProCurve has been making to its security portfolio. ProCurve customers have been seeing new security products and improvements to existing products on a steady basis for the past three years.

Stephen Schuchart
NWC Managing Technology Editor


HP has been quietly leading infrastructure-embedded security and NAC for several years. Immunity Manager is just one more facet of HP's strategy and will benefit existing customers looking to strengthen their security postures.

Mike Fratto
NWC Technology Editor

Hewlett-Packard unveiled a series of new and upgraded network security offerings this week that target threat management, access control and identity management.

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