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How To Work Well With Corporate Recruiters

During a job search, you will come in contact with various types of hiring professionals including corporate recruiters such as Raj Kapoor. In a interview with TechCareers Kapoor offered up some tips and insight on making the job seeker-corporate recruiter relationship work successfully.

TC: As a recruiter, what's the number one piece of advice you'd give an IT professional looking for a new job today?

Kapoor: Preparation is key. In an increasingly competitive market, preparation for the interview is an important differentiator during the interview process. This can include, but is not limited to the following:

  1. Research the company (e.g., Edgar database) to understand the company's performance and its standing in the market.
  2. Thoroughly understand the job description and be able to relate your past experience to the position's requirements.
  3. Bring relevant deliverables to the interview meeting (e.g., samples of work depending on position).
  4. Where appropriate, find out information as to the inner workings of the company to which you are applying and even information about the interviewer. You can do this by speaking to current or past employees. This will demonstrate your eagerness and initiative " as well as allow you to quickly relate to the interviewer and the company on a more personal level.

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TC: What are common mistakes techs make when working with a corporate recruiter?

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