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Genius' SalesGenius

SalesGenius combines the power of presence and Web analytics in a single nonintrusive service providing real-time analysis of the effectiveness of marketing campaigns.

Web analytics up to now have required the instrumentation of Web sites and e-mail to track the success of marketing campaigns and customer behavior. The ability to nonintrusively and quantitatively measure the effectiveness of an e-mail campaign and the subsequent understanding of customer interest would be a boon to organizations.

Genius's service is indeed nonintrusive and can provide quantitative measurement regarding the efficiency of marketing campaigns as well as insight into customer behavior. But beware: There are some sites that can't be tracked, making the service valuable only if you want to track whether e-mail has been opened, or learn the opt-out rate.

Genius SalesGenius, starts at $49 per person, per month

The ping of an alert notifies a sales representative that one of your company's best customers just opened their e-mail and logged on to your company's Web site. In real time, the sales representative digitally rushes to assist, ready to answer any questions over chat or by phone, or perhaps offer a special discount today. It's a sales organization's nirvana.

But many Web sites don't go beyond offering live chat options for technical support or assistance in determining which product is best suited for the customer. No Web analytics vendor has helped businesses reach a truly personalized, interactive paradise, but Genius is well on its way.

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