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Fort Wayne Gets Wi-Fi 'Hot Zone'

The Indiana Data Center, an ISP serving some 25 communities in and around Fort Wayne Ind., has deployed a large Wi-Fi "hot zone" in Fort Wayne.

The wireless distribution system was developed by Colubris Networks. The system utilizes dual-radio access points, which have been deployed on water towers, hospital rooftops, and fire stations.

"It enables Fort Wayne and surrounding communities to enjoy benefits similar to those offered in larger cities," said Stan Adams, founder and owner of the Indiana Data Center, in a statement.

The deployment covers the downtown area and extends to cover the Fort Wayne International Airport, Grand Wayne Convention Center, Allen County War Memorial Coliseum, hospital waiting rooms, and a facility at the Allen County Public Library.

"Our hot zone technology is not ubiquitous," said Carl Blume, Colubris' director of strategic marketing. "It hits the high traffic areas – malls, village centers, campuses. There are actually no theoretical limits to hot zones, just practical limits." He said the networks span multiple access points and can provide consistent service over wide areas.