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Formotus Lets Anyone Deploy Smartphone Apps

Formotus this week debuted a new service-based offering that lets IT staff, including non-developers, create mobile applications that can be delivered to and run on wireless devices.

Formotus brings a unique approach to the development of mobile applications to the market. While Formotus may not meet the needs for every application IT wants to develop, the ability to easily architect a prototype if not full mobile applications is valuable. These new application developers will need to realize, however, that developing for the small-screen real estate of a mobile device is different than working with PCs. What you architected in InnoPath for the desktop won't necessarily translate to a smartphone. Also, because Formotus caches some data on the device (allowing applications to work when there is no network connectivity), the need for IT to have a mobile device management system is underscored. IT needs to be able to secure, manage and remotely wipe devices if necessary especially as increasing amounts of confidential data are stored within mobile devices.
Sean Ginevan
NWC Contributing Editor

The vendor's FormoPublish service is centered around Microsoft Office and Windows Mobile devices. Specifically, FormoPublish applications are created using Microsoft's Office InfoPath application, a tool for building forms-based applications. FormoPublish then converts and deploys the forms-based apps as mobile XML data applications, delivered over-the-air directly to mobile devices with the help of Microsoft Sharepoint Server.

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