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Equipment Consolidation: The Yo-Yo Effect

We've all seen waves of consolidation, where computing power and data flow from branches into the main data center, usually followed in due time by a reciprocal wave of decentralization.

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Thing is, we think the current round of consolidation will stick. Ubiquitous broadband paired with integrated routers from Adtran, Applied Communications, Cisco, Nortel, and others promises to endow branch offices with IT services that approximate the speed and security found back at headquarters, without planting a mountain of gear and an IT staffer on site.

Application accelerators and bandwidth optimizers remove much of the latency typically associated with branch-office operations, which means servers can be consolidated at the main data center and securely connected to remote sites. But that's just the tip of the iceberg: Less storage at remote locations means companies can ensure data is being backed up in accordance with regulations.

We can't overstate how important it is to have a good handle on backup and retention policies. Lost data is a lawsuit waiting to happen. Unfortunately, branch office on-site backup schemes are notorious for failing; reasons span from equipment failure to human fallibility with regard to tape transport. In addition, by consolidating servers, IT can ensure that patch levels are maintained and the latest software is always available company-wide.

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