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Dial 'C' for Confused

Dial 'C' for Confused
A new study suggests electromagnetic radiation from cell phones affects people's ability to make quick decisions. Researchers in Australia submitted subjects to 30 minutes' worth of electromagnetic radiation, equivalent to a long cell phone call. Subjects were then tested on reaction times and memory. The researchers say they have evidence of slowed reactions for both simple and complex decisions. The researchers equate their tests to real-life scenarios such as deciding when to brake while driving.

Curiously, the experiment also showed doses of electromagnetic radiation improved memory functions for activities such as remembering a phone number long enough to make a call. But before you attach a cell phone to your head to pump up your brain power, the researchers say further experiments are necessary to determine the biological functions affected.

That's the jail sentence for copyright infringement in a new bill proposed by Rep. Lamar Smith, a Texas Republican. The bill, backed by the RIAA, would punish those found guilty of infringement or attempted infringement.

The bill includes an amendment that would allow for enforcement of copyright violations even if the material isn't copyrighted in the United States, and the seizure of assets used in the infringement.

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