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  • All current customers under service contract will receive the upgrade free of charge.

    SecureLogix says some of its ETM customers have quickly realized returns on their investments, with savings attained by blocking unauthorized toll calls and identifying underused and unused lines. And by providing central administration of global security management polices, the ETM toolset helps administrators manage proprietary PBXs efficiently across their enterprises.

    Examples cited by SecureLogix include:

    • a medical complex with a 10-month payback from savings on long-distance and international toll charges;

    • a Fortune 500 company that discovered 24,000 "unauthorized" outbound modem calls to ISPs in the first month of installation, equating to thousands of hours of lost productivity plus toll charges, as well as savings from identification of underused lines and reduced administration costs from managing call policies via the centralized ETM console rather than paying vendors PBX by PBX across multiple locations.