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Dell Takes Aim at Power Management

The two new servers use low-power AMD Opteron processors, high-efficiency processors and 2.5" hard disk drives. They're a sign that vendors are taking notice of the growing power and heat of products in the data center and are taking action outside the blade-server market. Dell's announcement is likely the start of a trend toward power-consciousness for conventional rack-mount servers. With these new products customers can decide between the higher performance of the PowerEdge 2970 and the engergy savings of the PowerEdge Energy Smart 2970.
S.J. Schuchart
NWC Managing Technology Editor

Dell unveiled two new servers this week the vendor says will use significantly less power than other servers while improving performance.

The PowerEdge 2970 and the PowerEdge Energy Smart 2970 both employ the company's Dual Dynamic Power Management capability which, according to Dell, facilitates better quad-core performance and power management.

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