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Defense In Depth: A Blueprint For Security

Neither firewalls nor seven-pointed tin stars can protect IT from the realities of today's security threats. Gone are the days when IT could assume that the Internet was the sole purview of bored hackers, script kiddies, and other cyberbrats. Threats now come from within the corporate boundaries. Desktops must be assumed to be corrupted, applications infected. IT needs to find a way to protect the data. Welcome to the IT gunfight of today.

If that has you worried, then you're not alone. Deloitte reported last year that the vast majority--83%--of technology, media, and telecommunications companies were concerned about "employee misconduct involving information systems."

InformationWeek Reports

The better news is that we have the blueprint for a solution. With this comprehensive data security plan, networks and desktops are secured against threats. Most of the technology for implementing this strategy already exists; some is just coming to market. Taken together, these technologies let IT defeat even the toughest gunslinger, whether inside or outside the company corral.

Outsourcing and a mobile workforce contribute greatly to the security woes. In virtually every enterprise, users must access corporate resources from outside the confines of the traditional network. As these users increase in number and need, the assumptions we make about their intentions, capabilities, and overall security threat must change.

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