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Cognio Enhances Wi-Fi Analysis Tool

Cognio this week unveiled Spectrum Expert 3.1, an update of its wireless spectrum analyzer. The new version can advise IT managers on how to respond to interference on their wireless LANs.

Cognio continues to push the envelope of providing expert assistance in spectrum analysis for the average network admin. These latest features are more evolutionary than revolutionary, making this an appropriate minor point release. But it demonstrates that Cognio understands that network admins, sometimes thrust in the role of managing the wireless network, can benefit from a little extra help. Hopefully Cognio's chipsets and software can someday be an integral part of every enterprise-grade access point, facilitating continual and granular RF analysis.
Frank Bulk
NWC Contributing Editor, Mobility

Cognio continues to roll out features that make Spectrum Expert a leader in analyzing and troubleshooting the physical layer of wireless networks. Building on their interference detection engine, Spectrum Expert 3.1 now offers recommendations on how to eliminate or minimize specific sources of interference. Although competitive solutions such as MetaGeek's Wi-Spy and BVS' BumbleBee offer many of the same RFanalysis features as Cognio, they lack interference classification abilities which are crucial to making WLAN spectrum analysis a more intuitive process.

Jameson Blandford
NWC Contributing Editor, Mobility

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