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ClearSight Networks' Analyzer 5.0


• Creates and monitors SLAs by application flow and protocol

• Merges trace files for analysis
• Supports WEP


• Distributed mode and multisegment capture and analysis require ClearSight NICs

• Unlike the competition, it's not free

ClearSight Analyzer 5.0 and ClearSight Distributed Analyzer, $7,995. ClearSight Networks, (800) 825-7563, (510) 824-6000.

I put the agent and viewer on the same PC in standalone mode. Alternatively, I could have installed them separately in a distributed mode (see "Insight Into ClearSight," for more on this setup).

The Syracuse labs has plenty of enterprise resources to keep the analyzer busy, including DHCP, DNS, Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL and Web servers. For a view of the production traffic, I connected my laptop to a monitoring port on a Hewlett-Packard 2650 switch (J8165A). I added an Asterisk 1.0 PBX to test how well ClearSight can view and analyze VoIP (voice over IP) traffic using SIP (Session Initiation Protocol).

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