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Cisco Snaps Up SpansLogic

Cisco Systems signed a deal this week to purchase network processor vendor SpansLogic for an undisclosed amount.

SpansLogic is still in stealth mode, and Cisco has revealed nothing about the acquisition beyond the obvious. Uncharacteristically, Cisco has not even said how much it paid, which suggests either a fire sale or a complex deal that depends on how well the technology performs once it has been integrated into Cisco.
Cisco has an obvious interest in network processors, those from SpansLogic could be particularly attractive. Among SpansLogic's few public statements is that its technology can be applied to many computing markets, not just networking. That fits with Cisco's stated goal of moving further up the stack, ultimately running enterprise applications on switches rather than servers.
Andy Dornan
NWC Technology Editor

The acquisition will provide Cisco with technology the company can incorporate into its switching gear to alleviate bottlenecks and speed up network performance, Cisco said.

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