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Belkin To Release Updated MIMO Wi-Fi Gear

Belkin said Monday that it is about to released enhanced pre-standard 802.11n Wi-Fi equipment using Multiple Input-Multiple Output (MIMO) technology aimed at home and small office users.

The company said in a statement that its Wireless G Plus MIMO line of products will provide range as far as 1000 feet and speeds as high as ten times faster than first-generation 802.11b equipment. It also claimed increased resistance to radio interference.

As with its previously-released "Pre-N" equipment (click here for review), Belkin is using MIMO technology from Airgo Networks. It said in a statement that the enhanced antenna technology uses multiple radios as well as multiple antennas.

MIMO will be part of the 802.11n standard, which is currently being developed by a IEEE working group. Belkin said that by the end of August, it will release a router for $99.99 and a PC Card adapter for $79.99. It said it will release a USB adapter for $89.99 in December.