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Analysis: The Skinny On Web 2.0

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 The Skinny On Web 2.0

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You have no doubt heard a lot of buzz about a concept called Web 2.0 bandied about by Silicon Valley marketers, bloggers, and pundits of all stripes. So what is it?

A universally agreed-upon definition hasn't yet arisen. Presented with the question, programmers will launch into long-winded explanations that include terms like Ajax and Web services. Microsoft haters will say it replaces the desktop as a platform for computing. Marketers will emphasize the "richness" of the user experience. The digerati -- technology-oriented yuppies who work in San Francisco and New York brick lofts and are as addicted to buzzwords as they are to Peet's coffee -- will go on about "wikis" and "mashups" and "memes" and the "granular addressability of content."

Which brings us back to the question: What is Web 2.0? Here's my plain-vanilla definition: Web 2.0 is all the Web sites out there that get their value from the actions of users.

Flickr: We know Web 2.0 when we see it.
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