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AirMagnet Updates WLAN Management Tools

WLAN management and security vendor AirMagnet said Monday it has started shipping an updated version of its AirMagnet Mobile suite, which helps IT managers manage and secure WLANs using laptop and handheld computers.
Version 4.0 of the suite has expanded support for authentication, provides voice-over-WLAN quality assurance tools and provides new event alarms, the company said in a statement. Among the new event alarms is one for detection of denial of service attacks.

Among the tools supporting voice-over, WLAN is what the company calls its Jitter Tool, which monitors frequency variations that can degrade voice connections. It also includes a tool that monitors the speed of handoffs between access points -- slow handoff speeds can cause dropped voice calls.

The company also said that the update supports "key features" of the newly-approved 802.11i WLAN security standard.

Pricing for the version that works with laptops starts at $3495 and the handheld version starts at $2995.