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The final reason the committee finds itself hip deep in comments is that some companies, still bitter about how the current draft standard--crafted largely in secret by a loose consortium of industry players--are using the IEEE comment procedures to stall the process, objecting left and right not only to technical choices but even to the number of spaces between paragraphs in the draft. It's a time-honored tradition in 802.11 to stall--the original 802.11 standard took seven years to complete--but this action is truly over the top.

For enterprise IT, this delay may not be all bad. It makes the choice to move forward with existing technology a little easier. Ugly problems will get addressed in the draft-n consumer market, and even if those products don't conform to the final standard, they'll at least provide backward compatibility with 11g. Still, it will be important to keep pressure on your preferred vendor to help you manage the inevitable transition to 11n.