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12 Essential iPod Gadgets

There's no denying it: The iPod has become ubiquitous. As a result, there is now a slew of add-ons available for iPod owners. While many of these are merely cosmetic -- such as faceplates, cases, and wristbands -- there are a lot of honestly worthwhile devices available that enhance or increase the iPod's functionality.

What follows is an opinionated examination of the most useful iPod add-ons out there. Keep in mind that this isn't a compendium of everything you could possibly have for your iPod. It's not. It is a collection of devices for the home, office, or on the go that I've actually spent time with. Some of them I actually bought for myself, and all of them are things you might seriously consider as add-ons for your own iPod.

Viewing Videos

Videos on tiny iPod displays are all well and good, but if you're sitting in your living room, you'd be a lot better off with DLO's HomeDock Deluxe, which lets you use your own TV as an iPod display.

The $150 HomeDock is easy to set up: Put the dock down on a flat surface, connect its AV and/or S-Video outputs to your TV or media center, plug it in, place your iPod in the dock, press the power-on button on the remote, and you're ready to go. (You'll also need to switch your TV or media center over to use its AV inputs, but you knew that, right?)

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