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10 IT Apps for iPads and iPhones

  • App: Get Console
    Developer: Amix Capital Limited
    Cost: $9.99

    Get Console is designed for either iPhone or iPad and serves as a portable field engineer app. The Telnet, SSH, and Serial terminal application makes it easy to configure, maintain, troubleshoot, and perform disaster recovery operations. The company sells a special C2-RJ45 "V" cable to connect a mobile device directly into a serial port.

  • App: NetRef
    Developer: LTZ
    Cost: $0.99

    A full-featured reference for Wi-Fi routers, NetRef will pull up the manual, default passwords and user IDs for dozens of wireless routers, including Belkin, Buffalo, D-Link and Netgear. The list of supported routers is updated frequently and the last few manuals accessed are cached so you can read them even when offline. To top it off, the app can ping a particular router to see if it's attached to the network.

  • App: IT Tools
    Developer: Kevin Koltzau
    Cost: $4.99

    IT Tools is a professional-level toy box designed to simplify many day-to-day tasks. The app brings whois, ping, routing table, IPv6, ARP and many other functions to the mobile device.

  • App: iTap mobile RDP
    Developer: HLW
    Cost: $11.99

    Self-styled as the most powerful RDP client for iOS and the only one to support TS Gateway, iTap mobile RDP is a fast way to manage Windows PCs on the road. The app boasts the security of NLA, the flexibility of RemoteFX, and the ease of use of a fully gesture-based interface.

  • App: OmniGraffle for iPad
    Developer: The Omni Group
    Cost: $49.99

    OmniGraffle is an unusually expensive app, but it offers a spectacularly rich set of features. The app turns your iPad into a cocktail napkin, white board, or drafting table as you see fit. The toolset includes stencils and drag-and-drop convenience that makes it easy for busy network admins and architects to develop network diagrams on the go.

  • App: Scanny
    Developer: Happy Magenta
    Cost: $5.99

    Scanny is a quick and easy network scanner, useful for home and office network administrators, Website owners, and yes, hackers. The app will scan ports, test firewalls, and discover connected devices within a specific IP range. The developer also claims that the app will find hidden networking devices on Wi-Fi or a LAN.

  • App: ADManager Mobile
    Developer: AEG Europe
    Cost: $4.99

    ADManager gives mobile Active Directory admins the freedom to manage groups, create user accounts, change passwords and other typical AD functions while away from the desk.

  • App: Oracle Mobile Database Client
    Developer: impathic
    Cost: $9.99

    DBAs and other IT pros that need access to Oracle databases can do so from the local network or through secure VPN. The app allows users to access tables and views, export raw data, save local snapshots and build and execute sophisticated queries using the Query Designer tool. This developer offers similar tools for MySQL, Sybase, DB2 and SQL Server.

  • App: RBL Status
    Developer: Happy Magenta
    Cost: $1.99

    This app will very quickly check your hosts against several DNS blacklists. RBL Status very conveniently groups hosts into multiple checklists and can send SMS or email notifications if desired.

  • App: iSSH-SSH/VNC Console
    Developer: Zingersoft
    Cost: $9.99

    Zingersoft bills this app as the only SSH client in the App Store that supports tunneled VNC, RDP and X client connections, along with arbitrary port tunneling for other iOS apps. This attractive SSH and Telnet CLI emulator makes remote administration that much less painful.