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Windows Phone 7 Launch In Review

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TOP STORY: Windows Phone 7 Launch In Review

MORE NEWS: Apple's iPad Arrives At Wal-Mart

ANALYTIC REPORT: Business Continuity: From Disaster Recovery To Continuous Data Protection

WHITEPAPER: Efficient Backups for VMware

SLIDESHOW: Inside DHS' Classified Cyber Coordination Headquarters

VIDEO: How To Sign Up To Use The Manycore Testing Lab

BLOG: Microsoft's OpenOffice Attack Video

WEBCAST: HOWTO Secure Your SAP Data and Eliminate Last-Minute Audit Scrambles

RESOURCES: Please Take Our Storage and File Virtualization Survey

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Monday, October 18, 2010


"Believe you can and you're halfway there." -- Theodore Roosevelt



Windows Phone 7 Launch In Review

Microsoft debuted its new smartphone operating system -- Windows Phone 7 -- this week. How well did Microsoft do?


Top 5 Reasons Windows Phone 7 Will/Won't Succeed

Windows Phone 7 Hardware First Impressions

Slideshow: Microsoft's Windows Phone 7 Revealed


Apple's iPad Arrives At Wal-Mart

The discount chain is now the latest mass merchandiser to stock Steve Jobs' hot-selling tablet computer.

Google's Marissa Mayer Maps New Role

Her focus on geo/local products puts her at the forefront of Google's next major opportunity.

The Case For Wiretapping The Internet

The directors of National Intelligence and the FBI say tech-savvy extremists pose a growing threat, setting the stage for a national debate over the need for Internet eavesdropping.

Google Adds Instant Search To Chrome 8

The developer version of the web browser, which is not recommended for general use, integrates Google's Instant Search into the address bar.

Motorola Cops To Droid X Froyo Goof-Up

Verizon Wireless and Motorola made the Android 2.2 Froyo update available to the Droid X several weeks ago. Unfortunately, the software update introduced a number of new problems. Here's the list.

Teens Exchange 3,339 Texts A Month

The increase in texting reported by Nielsen is part of broader growth in mobile data usage among U.S. high schoolers.

Skype 5.0 First Look: Facebook Connection Is Key

With its built-in Facebook integration, Skype 5.0 makes a move to become the voice and video side of the powerful social network. Jim Rapoza assesses the new release.

NASA To Crowdsource Software Development

The agency has created an online lab that allows developers to compete to create solutions for problems submitted by NASA researchers.

AT&T Pitches iPad To Business Customers

Wireless carrier is the first to position Apple's hot-selling tablet as an enterprise computing platform.

Phishing Attacks Rise Sharply But Spam Emails Decline

Automated botnet toolkits drive website security breaches, with social networks hit hard, Symantec report reveals.

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Business Continuity: From Disaster Recovery To Continuous Data Protection

Continuous data protection used to be a pipe dream for most outside the financial world because of sky-high cost and complexity. That's changing, creating new options for businesses that require different thinking about disaster recovery.

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Featured Report

WAN Optimization: Adoption Holds Steady

Converged services, distributed workforces, private clouds, and data center consolidation are stressing many WANs. Are optimization appliances -- physical and virtual -- the answer? Nearly 600 business technology professionals weigh in.

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Efficient Backups for VMware

Learn how EMC Avamar backup and recovery software data deduplication capabilities deliver fast and efficient protection for VMware environments.
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Storage Multi-Tenancy for Cloud Computing

This white paper will explain why the recent changes in Microsoft infrastructures, including the introduction of a server operating system and a server virtualization solution (Hyper-V), create a compelling opportunity to improve underlying storage infrastructures right now.
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Inside DHS' Classified Cyber Coordination Headquarters

The Department of Homeland Security recently brought its classified National Cybersecurity and Communications Integration Center down to an unclassified level for one day only, and InformationWeek Government was there to take photos. The facility looks and functions like a state-of-the-art network operations center and much more. The NCCIC, as it's called, is the locus of DHS-led inter-agency cybersecurity work in the federal government. That includes providing an integrated response to cyber threats against government networks, monitoring network sensors across the government and coordinating any requested government aid and response to cyber attacks against private industry networks like power plants or communications networks.   View Now


Cisco Umi Takes Telepresence To The Home

Best Bluetooth Headsets For Business


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Featured BloggerMicrosoft's OpenOffice Attack Video

By Dave Methvin

It's not very common for an established industry leader to trash a competitor. This week Microsoft decided to buck that trend and create what some have called an attack video where customers lament their experiences with OpenOffice.


Fall 2010 SNW Recap Part I

By George Crump

We just wrapped up Storage Networking World Fall 2010, and while I am packing to get ready to go to SNW Europe to speak on 'The Storage Challenges Caused By Desktop Virtualization' It makes sense to review what we are seeing as emerging or maturing trends in storage for 2011.

Microsoft Steps Up To Dethrone Zeus

By George Hulme

Microsoft is throwing another punch at this most nasty and extremely active botnet.

'Smart' Calendar Addresses Scheduling Pain

By Michele Pepe-Warren

After too many Sunday evenings watching his wife juggle phone calls with the kids' music teachers and athletic coaches, Richard Ruben realized that there had to be an easier way. So he found one. This week, his company, SkedgeMe, released its eponymously named "smart" scheduling application.

State CIOs Head For The Exits

By John Foley

The list of CIOs in state government who have resigned, or are about to, is growing. Michigan, Minnesota, and Washington are losing their top IT execs, and California is on the watch list.

LogMeIn Lets IT Remotely Manage Multiple PCs In Batches

By Daniel Dern

LogMeIn's new One2Many feature for its LogMeIn Central web-based management console lets IT admins do admin tasks to local or remote computers running LogMeIn Pro in bunches rather than one-at-a-time.


HOWTO Secure Your SAP Data and Eliminate Last-Minute Audit Scrambles

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