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Windows Phone 7 Fails To Halt Microsoft's Mobile Slide

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TOP STORY: Windows Phone 7 Fails To Halt Microsoft's Mobile Slide

MORE NEWS: Cisco Goes After 'Underserved' Mid-Market With VoIP Solution

ANALYTIC REPORT: 2011 Backup Survey: New Possibilities For Data Protection

WHITEPAPER: Security Threat Report 2011: Defend Against Malware

SLIDESHOW: 11 Epic Technology Disasters


BLOG: Motorola To Plug Android Security Gaps

WEBCAST: Five Jobs You Can Do Better with Intelligent Decision Automation

RESOURCES: Take Our IT Outsourcing Survey -- A 32GB iPad Could Be Yours!

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


All intelligent thoughts have already been thought; what is necessary is only to try to think them again. -- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe



Windows Phone 7 Fails To Halt Microsoft's Mobile Slide

New data shows Redmond slipping farther behind Apple and Google despite recent launch of its new smartphone OS.


Windows Phone 7 To Verizon?

No Windows Phone 7 Update For Some Users


Cisco Goes After 'Underserved' Mid-Market With VoIP Solution

Cisco has packaged the core technology behind its Unified Communications Manager portfolio for companies of 300 people or less.

Global CIO: How Lands' End's CIO Made The Case For Cloud

Steve Cretney plugged into a company goal--global expansion--to overcome doubts.

Review: Chrome Personal Blocklist Thwarts Bad Search Results

The extension for Google's Chrome browser lets users block results from specific sites from appearing in search results.

70% Of SMBs Plan To Use Social Media

Most smaller businesses have a social media strategy for the next 12 months, although nearly half say they don't know how it will help them, a Techaisle study finds.

Google Maps Navigation Now Routes Around Traffic

Saving money through route optimization isn't just for fleet logistics any more.

Will Sprint Dump WiMax For LTE?

If Sprint doesn't announce new WiMax gear at CTIA Wireless, you can count WiMax out of the 4G game -- at least from Sprint.

Army Appoints CIO

Lt. Gen. Susan Lawrence, a 30-plus year veteran, takes over the post Lt. Gen. Jeffrey Sorenson vacated in November.

Cisco Cuts Price Of Umi Video Conferencing

By making its telepresence technology cheaper and easier to integrate with businesses and service providers, the networking company is hoping to entice more customers.

Google Targets Android Malware Using Kill Switch

Additional steps are being taken to make the Android Market more secure, Google insists.

BrightEdge Introduces Social Analytics SEO Tool

Technology analyzes tweets and Facebook "likes" to help businesses determine the best ways to use social networks to boost search engine optimization and traffic.

iPad 2 Highlights Mobile Healthcare Advancements

Apple's tablet creates opportunities for healthcare providers to better organize, store, and share medical data using mobile technology and can empower doctors to be more productive and decisive.

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2011 Backup Survey: New Possibilities For Data Protection

Today's system administrators can take advantage of myriad new and improved data protection technologies. Learn how these new developments overcome the two biggest problems of yesterday's backup solutions, and offer inclusive protection for branch offices and remote employees.

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Featured Report

APM: How To Calculate Your Costs

Application performance management products are essential for monitoring and troubleshooting critical apps. They're also very expensive. This report guides you through a TCO exercise to help you calculate the capital and operational expenses of an APM product set, including predeployment steps and consulting and IT costs. We also provide a customizable worksheet for your own calculations.

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Featured Report


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Security Threat Report 2011: Defend Against Malware

Malware lurks everywhere and tricks even the most scrupulous user. Download the 2011 Security Threat Report to protect against malware.
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Free: Small Business Unified Communications for Dummies - Get The Book

Unified communications (UC) unites video, voice and data so that mobile workers can reach each other easily. Check out this "Dummies" book to learn how UC simplifies communications, enabling employees to be as productive and responsive as possible.
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11 Epic Technology Disasters

Nature and politics kill far more people than technological accidents but failures of machines still take a toll on both a personal and social level. Some disasters like the destruction of the space shuttle Challenger resulted in only a few deaths but nonetheless had a worldwide impact.   View Now


Apple Announces iPad2

Great Lost Software: 16 Gone But Not Forgotten


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Featured Blogger

Motorola To Plug Android Security Gaps

By Ed Hansberry

Android has taken over as the number one smartphone platform but it still isn't being welcomed with open arms by the enterprise. Motorola is hoping to change that with a new set of APIs.


Dealing With Recovery Transfer Time

By George Crump

In our last entry we discussed lessons to be learned from the Gmail crash. In an upcoming entry we'll cover establishing the tiered recovery points. These three tiers of recovery; high availability (HA), backup and archive provide a similar goal; application availability. What separates them is the time it takes to put the data back in place so the application can return to service. Dealing with recovery transfer time is an important factor in the overall recovery process.

Keynote Focuses On Cloud Application Performance

By Paul Korzeniowski

Monitoring tools typically arrive after a technology has begun to take root. With cloud computing gaining so much buzz recently, Keynote Systems threw its hat into the cloud application performance monitoring arena.

Don't Be Quick To Pull Trigger on Xoom

By Ed Hansberry

One of the features of Motorola's new 3G Xoom tablet is the ability to upgrade to 4G support. As you might have guessed, this isn't an over the air update but one where you send it back via truck. Motorola may keep it for up to six business days to perform the delicate surgery. Six days is forever.

Getting Granular About Social Media For SMBs

By Michele Pepe-Warren

We know the use of social media is exploding in the business world, but what can vendors of these solutions do to earn more mind--and market--share from small and midsize businesses? The SMB Group will have some concrete answers soon.


Five Jobs You Can Do Better with Intelligent Decision Automation

Discover how automating and improving your most routine operational decisions can help you process more business with less effort and higher quality

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