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Windows 7 Driving Touchscreen Evolution

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TOP STORY: Windows 7 Driving Touchscreen Evolution
MORE NEWS: Top iPhone Apps For Health Pros, Patients

ANALYTIC REPORT: Smartphone Apps: What The Doctor Ordered

WHITEPAPER: Best Practices for Webinars

BLOG: Reducing Storage Complexity In Server Virtualization

WEBCAST: Architect Your Web Conferencing for Organizational Success

RESOURCES: On-Demand: Virtualization: Driving Value from the Desktop to the Data Center

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 Monday, October 26, 2009 



"A day's impact is better than a month of dead pull."

-- Oliver Wendell Holmes


Windows 7 Driving Touchscreen Evolution

Acer, Gateway, Hewlett-Packard, Lenovo, and Sony are scrambling to build PCs that capitalize on the tactile interface.


Fujitsu Unveils Windows 7 Lineup

Acer Announces Windows 7 Laptops

HP Unveils Windows 7 PC Line-Up

Sony Intros Touchscreen PC/TV

Top iPhone Apps For Health Pros, Patients

Healthcare professionals and individuals are finding ways to manage health and wellness with applications for the Apple iPhone and iPod Touch.

Sprint, Clearwire Detail WiMax Rollout

Plans show WiMax is picking up steam, and Clearwire says it will cover more than 120 million customers by the end of 2010.

AT&T: Devices Spiking Wi-Fi Connections

For the first time, the wireless carrier is seeing more Wi-Fi connections from smartphones than from laptops.

Mozilla Unveils Raindrop Messaging Dashboard

E-mail used to be the Internet's killer app. Mozilla's forthcoming Raindrop software anticipates a world where e-mail has been reduced to one channel among many.

HP Takes On Google In Rare Books

Hewlett-Packard has partnered with the University of Michigan to make half a million hard-to-find books from the school's library available for sale over the Web.

Uncle Sam Mulls The Move To Windows 7

Many government agencies participated in the Windows 7 beta program, but the public sector is expected to trail businesses in adopting Microsoft's new operating system.

Microsoft's Quarterly Profit Falls 18%

Software maker is hopeful Windows 7's debut will lift sales and income.

VMware 3Q Revenues Slow

Overall revenue growth was only 4%, but software maintenance and service revenues were up 33%.

Global CIO: Informatica Joins Ranks Of Elite Enterprise Software Companies

Informatica CEO Sohaib Abbasi says cloud computing presents an enormous opportunity for the data-integration specialist, whose latest financial results topped all analysts' predictions.

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Smartphone Apps: What The Doctor Ordered

Blue Cross of Northeast Pennsylvania, the University of Louisville School of Medicine, and a range of large and small healthcare providers are using mobile apps to improve care and help patients manage their health.

Download Now (Registration Required)

Featured Report

Enabling Fast Remote Application Delivery

Explore a range of technologies that empower IT to bring offsite employees, partners and customers the business resources they need quickly -- and without breaking the bank.

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Featured Report


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Best Practices for Webinars

Ensure your next webinar is a success by following these best practices, which cover everything from setting the agenda and crafting invitations, to post-event follow-ups and re-engagement efforts.

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Service Desk Consolidation Insight

If your enterprise has multiple service desks in different geographies using disparate, disjointed tools and supporting diverse but possibly overlapping constituencies, you may be wasting hundreds of thousands of dollars every year. See how service desk consolidation can help you eliminate the waste.

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Featured Blogger

Reducing Storage Complexity In Server Virtualization

Posted By George Crump

The storage component of a virtualized server infrastructure has been labeled as complex and expensive. In our prior entries about selecting a storage foundation we discussed what systems and protocols are available that might help simplify and reduce costs for storage in a virtualized environment. Beyond physical hardware you need software tools that can link the abstract virtual machine to the physical storage.


BlackBerry Storm2 Landing Oct. 28 In Verizon Stores

Posted By Eric Zeman

If you're anxious to get your hands on the new BlackBerry Storm2 -- and I wouldn't blame you if you are -- you won't have to wait much longer. The device will street Wednesday, October 28. Let me say this, any person using the original Storm needs to upgrade to the Storm2.

In Search Of Lost Time

Posted By Jonathan Salem Baskin

This week's O'Reilly Web 2.0 Summit yielded the usual detritus about technology reinventing the laws that govern time and space, but Facebook's revelation that people spend 8 billion minutes a day on its service really cut through the clutter for me.

Is There A Business In The Virtual World?

Posted By Michael Hickins

Much has been made of the premature obituaries for Second Life, but while the virtual world manufactured by Linden Labs has prevailed long beyond its presumed expiration date, the business model seems too arcane and forbidding to inspire many imitators.

Google Goings-On: Reader, Maps, Picasa, Search Updates

Posted By Eric Zeman

Google has been busy this week. Beyond announcing a search deal with Twitter, it also brought more options to its RSS Reader, layers to Maps for Mobile, support for Windows 7, and customized mobile search.


Architect Your Web Conferencing for Organizational Success

Join Frank Rogers, SVP of Business Development at Intesolv, an Adobe Gold Partner and leading authority on the subject of web conferencing implementation, to learn how you can fit web conferencing into your technology infrastructure and give your organization a competitive advantage. It happens October 28, 2009 at 10:00 AM PT/ 1:00 PM ET
More Information & Registration


On-Demand: Virtualization: Driving Value from the Desktop to the Data Center

InformationWeek editors and virtualization experts come together for a new virtual event designed to help you build (or improve) a structured management plan for a virtualized environment. With our expert guidance, you can insure interoperability with existing systems management tool and take virtualization to the next level.


Image Gallery of the Week 

Image Gallery: Top iPhone Healthcare Apps

Smartphone healthcare apps are helping organizations like Blue Cross of Northeast Pennsylvania and the University of Louisville School of Medicine improve patient care. They could be coming to your pocket soon.

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Executive Breakfast Roundtable: Enterprise IT Security and the Challenge of the Internet

All you need to create your own SUSE-based Linux distros is a web browser that runs Flash, a decently fast Internet connection, and some working knowledge of Linux.

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