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Win 8 Antitrust Woes? |Software-Defined Networking: Just The FAQ

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  Monday, May 14, 2012
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Between The Lines Columnist Software-Defined Networking: A No-Hype FAQ
By Kurt Marko
Go beyond the sudden buzz about software-defined networking. Here's what it is, what it isn't, and what's ahead.

OpenFlow: A Cloud Industry Uprising?
VMware CTO: Software-Defined Data Centers Are Future

Windows 8 Tablet OS Draws Antitrust Attention
Rivals say new Microsoft operating system favors Internet Explorer over third-party browsers such as Firefox.

Amnesty International Hackers Learned From Flashback
Attackers used the same Java vulnerability employed by the Apple Flashback malware to try to infect site visitors with remote administration tools.

Apple Blocks Push From Sparrow Email App
Sparrow's email app beats Apple's native iOS email. The catch: Its best feature is only available if you're willing to jailbreak your iPhone.

Cloud Management Tools: Beware 3 Pain Points
Know the danger zones as you select cloud management tool platforms.

Is Open Source Hardware IT's Next Big Thing?
Open source hardware isn't just for hobbyists. Early corporate adopters can reap business benefits.

10 Ways To Stifle Tech Competition
Competition happens, unless you can avoid it. From Microsoft Windows RT to Google Chrome, here's how today's giants safeguard their turf.

"The artist is nothing without the gift, but the gift is nothing without work." -- Emile Zola


Is Open Source Hardware IT's Next Big Thing?
10 Ways To Stifle Tech Competition
2012 Strategic Security Survey: Pick The Right Battles
Seven Steps for Building Security in the Cloud from the Ground Up
3 Lessons From Yahoo's Meltdown, From An Insider
Does America's Next "Road to Prosperity" lie in Rural Sourcing?
InformationWeek IPv6 Survey

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Posted By RobertMcI:
"I'm having a hard time seeing how walking away from an unjust situations is considered ethical. In such cases the company just finds another worker more than willing to put up with the injustice."
In reply to: "Automate Your Way To One-Day Work Week"
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Posted By lacertosus:
"his issue is far from being Bipartisan! Republicans will fight this ferociously as they are the main benefactors of outsourcing. They are big business."
In reply to: "Ban On USAID Outsourcing Programs Makes Bipartisan Sense"
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2012 Strategic Security Survey: Pick The Right Battles
Whether it's cloud computing, mobile devices, or insecure software, some threats are more prevalent than others. Our latest survey delves into where security pros are putting their resources.
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Featured Report


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Seven Steps for Building Security in the Cloud from the Ground Up
If you are considering a leap to the cloud, you are no doubt figuring out how to extend security to the new environment. Despite potential savings, security is still the number one barrier. Download this white paper to review seven steps to help you build security into your cloud applications.
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Adopting a Managed Approach to Web Security and Regulatory Compliance
In a survey by IT Policy Compliance Group, a consortium dedicated to helping IT security professionals meet policy and compliance goals, 70 percent of all respondents reported being subject to multiple regulatory compliance mandates, as well as contractual obligations and industry standards. Download this white paper to find out why CIOs are accelerating their update of cloud based services.
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3 Lessons From Yahoo's Meltdown, From An Insider
A former Yahoo exec who was laid off offers insights from the company's five-year drive to self-destruction.

Microsoft Bing Friends Facebook
In an effort to outdo Google's social search integration, Microsoft has tagged Facebook. Here's what the move means.

Oracle Analytics Package Expands In-Database Processing Options
New Oracle Advanced Analytics package speeds and scales R-language-based analyses inside the 11g database.

Mobile OS Madness Ahead In June
When Apple, Google, and Microsoft all hold developer events in San Francisco in June, you'll get a peek at what's next for smartphones. Here's what might pop up.


10 iPad Cases Fit For Summer
Taking your iPad along on vacation this year? Then you will want a special case to protect against sand, surf, and other tablet enemies.   View Now

Best of Interop 2012: Award Winners
7 Examples: Put Gamification To Work


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McAfee Adds Scale, VMWare Support To Security Platform
McAfee announced three new additions to its security family at Interop, including an improvement in performance and scalability, and some enhancements to its support for virtual environments.   Watch

Gigamon Visualizes Virtualization Traffic
OpenFlow Keeps Buzzing



Does America's Next "Road to Prosperity" lie in Rural Sourcing?
The global economy has driven business out of America with small towns greatly impacted. At the same time, companies are finding that the quality of outsourcing their IT and development to other countries is lacking. A solution has emerged that solves both issues: rural sourcing. We discuss this trend and its benefits. It happens Tuesday, May 22, 2012. More Information & Registration

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InformationWeek IPv6 Survey
InformationWeek is conducting a survey to get a baseline look at where enterprises stand on their IPv6 deployments, with a focus on problem areas, including security, training, budget, and readiness. Upon completion of our survey, you will be eligible to enter a drawing to receive an 16-GB Apple iPad.
Survey Ends May 11

Virtual Event: Enterprise Mobility: New Devices, Applications, Platforms, And Priorities
At this interactive event, experts and solution providers will offer detailed insight into how to bring some order to the mobile industry innovation chaos. When you register, you will gain access to live webcast presentations and virtual booths packed with free resources.
It happens May 17

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