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Will Apple, Google Lead A Mobile Payment Revolution?

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TOP STORY: Will Apple, Google Lead A Mobile Payment Revolution?

MORE NEWS: Cisco Expands SMB Networking, Storage

ANALYTIC REPORT: State Of Enterprise Storage Report

WHITEPAPER: IPv4 Address Pool Will Run Dry: Network Management Whitepaper

SLIDESHOW: Inside Watson, IBM's Jeopardy Computer

VIDEO: Tutorial: 10 Steps To Mobile Worker Support

BLOG: Cloud Computing Inefficient?

WEBCAST: Tips and Tricks on Memory Management in Virtualized Environments

RESOURCES: Nominate Healthcare IT Execs

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Wednesday, January 26, 2011


"People who have what they want are fond of telling people who haven't what they want that they really don't want it." -- Ogden Nash



Will Apple, Google Lead A Mobile Payment Revolution?

By adding near-field communications to the iPhone and iPad, Apple -- along with Google -- may provide the spark needed to ignite mainstream use of mobile payments. Will plastic credit cards truly become a thing of the past?


Google Prepping Retail Mobile Payment Service

Amazon EC2 Achieves Payment Industry Certification

13 Technology Predictions For 2011


Cisco Expands SMB Networking, Storage

In partnership with Mozy, the networking provider is offering online backup to small and midsize businesses as well as introducing a managed switch and network security firewall.

Twitter Worm Unleashes Fake AV Attack

Google's link shortening service, as well as code obfuscation with RSA public key cryptography algorithm are spreading malicious links via a bogus antivirus campaign.

Global CIO: Google's Eric Schmidt: Top 10 Reasons Mobile Is Always #1

"The answer should always be mobile first," outgoing Google CEO Eric Schmidt said last year--and his compelling arguments are even more persuasive today.

Amazon Cloud Gets Bulk Email Service

Simple Email Service offers AWS customers a low-cost, hosted option to on-premises or third-party email systems.

Google Voice Enables Number Porting

Now instead of being stuck with some random phone number, Google Voice users can transfer their mobile or home number to the service.

E-Gov Trumps Facebook On Consumer Satisfaction

Most citizens are happy with federal Web sites, and successful e-gov initiatives are fostering trust in the government, reports Foresee study.

Secret Service Training Enhanced By 3D Gaming Tech

The Site Security Planning Tool will use virtual reality to help prepare agents for real-life threats.

Google Apps Marketplace Adds Education Category

Schools using Google Apps will find a set of applications tailored to the needs of education customers.

Health Systems Underestimate EMR Costs

Accenture study finds that IT expenses increased 80% during electronic medical records system implementation, and higher costs are sustained over the long term.

Qwiki Launches Multimedia Search Engine

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin’s startup launches public alpha days after getting an $8 million cash infusion.

Apple Taps NSA Alumnus As Global Security Chief

Geekonomics author David Rice is the latest in a string of high-profile security hires for the company.

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State Of Enterprise Storage Report

Budgets may be stagnant, but the recession has not put a damper the growth of enterprise data and related storage requirements. Too bad, then, that our infrastructures aren't keeping pace, according to our survey respondents. In this report we'll analyze poll results and discuss top technologies that can help storage managers do more with less.

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Featured Report

Beating Cloud Lock-In: Our 3 Top Considerations

Whether you're talking about SaaS, IaaS, or storing data in the cloud, companies must consider how they'll unwind relationships -- customizations, metadata, contracts, and depth of integration are all factors.

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Featured Report


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IPv4 Address Pool Will Run Dry: Network Management Whitepaper

Compliance for compliance's sake is not a best practice in protecting cardholder data.
Learn why compliance is the byproduct of a well-executed information security program that focuses on risk managementand minimizes the use of compensating controls.
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The Cloud-based Telework Solution

By combining a cloud-based management platform with user-friendly devices, discover a new approach to remote access with the simplicity, centralized visibility & control, and economies of scale.
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Inside Watson, IBM's Jeopardy Computer

IBM has spent four years and untold hundreds of millions of dollars developing Watson, a computer that can play Jeopardy. In fact, Watson answers questions so quickly and accurately that IBM challenged Jeopardy and two of the show's all-time champions to a match. Cynics may call it a publicity stunt, but the project has brought real advances in computer science. Here's a look inside the architecture, hardware, and advanced analytics that make Watson tick.   View Now


12 Money Saving Tech Tips For SMBs

Inside Joomla 1.6: Improved Access Control, Categories


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Tutorial: 10 Steps To Mobile Worker Support

Find out ways a company can support workers' mobile computing/connectivity requirements, securely and economically.   Watch


Intel Educational Exchage for Parallelism

CES 2011: Cellcontrol Device Sets And Enforces Safe Driving Policies




Featured Blogger

Cloud Computing Inefficient?

By Paul Korzeniowski

A growing number of businesses are deploying cloud services ' especially private clouds, according to research conducted by Osterman Research and Electric Cloud. However, a majority of companies report that these services are underutilized.


Deduplication 2.0 - Recovery Performance

By George Crump

'It's all about recovery', you'll here it in almost every sales presentation by a backup vendor. That advice holds true for backup deduplication devices as well. A common mistake is to assume that because deduplication products, most often disk based, that they also offer the best recovery performance. This is not always the case and as we move into the next dedupe era it has to improve.

First WebOS Tablet Revealed

By Ed Hansberry

The fruits of HP's acquisition of Palm are starting to show up. The HP Topaz tablet has been spotted and not surprisingly, the name "Palm" is nowhere to be seen.

New Age of Mobile Malware On Way

By George Hulme

New types of malware are emerging, designed specifically to exploit the unique features of mobile handsets.

Motorola Xoom To Cost $700. Or $800

By Eric Zeman

Conflicting reports put the price tag of Motorola's unreleased Android 3.0 tablet at either $700 or $800, with a launch of February 17.


Tips and Tricks on Memory Management in Virtualized Environments

Join this informative webcast and gain a greater appreciation for the strategies experts use today in managing their virtual environments. Attendees will gain a better understanding of how to recognize where memory constraints are impacting performance. We'll also explore how memory ballooning and swapping may impact the performance of your virtualized applications.

It happens Tuesday, February 8, 2011

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Nominate Healthcare IT Execs

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