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White House Confronts Barriers To Gov 2.0

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TOP STORY: White House Confronts Barriers To Gov 2.0

MORE NEWS: Google Postini Customers Fuming Over Outage

ANALYTIC REPORT: The Government CIO 50

WHITEPAPER: 4 Reasons to Consider SaaS

BLOG: Benioff, Dell Link Arms: Here Comes Hybrid Cloud

WEBCAST: Are Your Laptops Secure? Be Confident!

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 Thursday, Oct 15, 2009 



"In a beginner's mind there are many possibilities, but in an expert's mind there are few."
~ Shunryu Suzuki 


White House Confronts Barriers To Gov 2.0

Regulatory and technical requirements, including accessibility and electronic archiving, present unique challenges to bringing open government to the Web.


Gov 2.0: Roadblocks Remain For Transparency

Gov 2.0: Cloud Computing As Government Panacea

The Government CIO 50: Driving Change In The Public Sector


Google Postini Customers Fuming Over Outage

E-mail delivery problems dogged Google's Postini Tuesday, and the company's business customers are demanding better communication.

NASA's Next Mission: The Tweetup

The space agency plans to host 100 Twitter users at Kennedy Space Center for next month's launch of the Space Shuttle Atlantis.

Former U.S. Health Dept. CIO Joins Agilex

Melissa Chapman joins Agilex Technologies to help manage the firm's work with the U.S. Health and Human Services Dept.

AT&T Cleared To Buy Centennial

The Justice Department has approved the $944 million deal, which will add about 1.1 million users to AT&T's rolls.

Acer Announces Windows 7 Laptops

The Aspire 5738PG's is Acer's first touchscreen notebook.

Nokia Releases Qt 4.6 Framework

The latest version of Qt offers Symbian support, as well as advanced graphics and multi-touch capabilities.

Avaya Offers Managed Services Co-Branding

Realtime monitoring and management of communications and IT infrastructure are being provided under the umbrella of Avaya's Managed Services.

AT&T Boosts 3G In Colorado

The wireless carrier is fighting growing complaints about its 3G data coverage by deploying 850-MHz spectrum.

MKS Software Delivers an Integrated All-in-One Tool

The MKS Toolkit product family is an interoperability solution which
dramatically improves the compatibility between Windows and
UNIX/Linux environments. Providing a comprehensive suite of UNIX
and Windows utilities enables developers and system administrators to
customize, control, and automate their software development
and administrative processes. Learn more about MKS Solutions:

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Ubuntu's Design Team: Make It Look Good, Run Better

Posted By Serdar Yegulalp

On Tuesday afternoon I spoke with Ivanka Majic, leader of Canonical's design team for Ubuntu Desktop and Netbook Remix. She's spearheading the effort to make Ubuntu that much more appealing and useful -- to make it more of its "Linux for human beings" namesake.

5.8% IT Unemployment Rivals Rate In Last Recession

Posted By Chris Murphy

There's no sign of recovery yet in the U.S. IT job market, with a 5.8% unemployment rate for IT professionals that rivals the worst from the recession earlier this decade, according to our analysis of the government's latest research.


Are Your Laptops Secure? Be Confident!

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Image Gallery: Which Browser...And Why?

In the space of the last year, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Opera have been updated and Google's Chrome and Microsoft's Bing have joined the Web browser market. Is it time for you to make a change?

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