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What did you do this summer?

Each summer, our crack team of editors sojourns across the globe in search
of a faraway destination, where they can put their collective brain cells to
the task of setting down our editorial calendar for the following year. This
time, our editors found their way north to the sunny town of Syracuse, New
York. Here are a few photos cataloging their efforts.

While Bruce Boardman is busy downloading new ring tones, Mike DeMaria
works on his laptop monitor rotation resistance test.
Peter Morrissey, obviously cheating off of Dave Molta's unprotected laptop
as Rob Preston (standing) and Kevin Cooke investigate strange sounds coming
from beneath the table.
Lorna Garey, prepping for the afternoon session.
This is what happens when someone forgets to bring the wireless access

If you don't know who these folks are, just
check out our Masthead
, where
you can find short bios and hopefully more flatting photos.