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Well-Connected Awards Photos

Last night marked the 10th anniversary of our Well-Connected Awards, where each year we select the best products we've reviewed in our labs during the previous year. Congratulations to all of those who won and attended! It was a great show. Despite a very dark venue and a very small digicam, I did manage to capture a few snapshots of the fine folks in attendance.

thevenue.jpg Network Computing in lights!
george-nicole.jpg Two trusty sales reps from Network Computing, Nicole Boice and George Moore.
joel.jpg A not-so-rare sighting of X-NWCer Joel Conover. Like the Mafia, once you're're in for life.
mike-steve-lori.jpg Three products of the great state of Wisconsin, Mike Lee, Steve Schuchart, and Lori MacVittie.
mmguy.jpg When Lori MacVittie made a small mistakes with the letter M in a previous review, this kind vendor cheered her up by sending her the largest bags of M&Ms we've ever seen.
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