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Web 2.0 Summit: Web Squared Emerges

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TOP STORY: Web 2.0 Summit: Web Squared Emerges

MORE NEWS: Why Your Next IT Job Will Be In Healthcare

ANALYTIC REPORT: Alternative IT: Software's New Reality

WHITEPAPER: Lean Six Sigma for Real Business Results

BLOG: Web 2.0 Summit - Time To Imagine

WEBCAST: Cut the Cost of IT Infrastructure and Grow Your Company

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 Wednesday October 21, 2009 



"The way to combat noxious ideas is with other ideas. The way to combat falsehoods is with truth."
-- William O. Douglas 


Web 2.0 Summit: Web Squared Emerges

Despite ongoing economic uncertainty, companies still see the Web as the platform of the future.


Web 2.0 Summit Gets Squared

Web 2.0 Summit TV Live


Why Your Next IT Job Will Be In Healthcare

Federal stimulus billions are fueling demand for up to 50,000 new information technology positions. Most sought after are tech pros with real-world implementation experience, Windows experts, and network admins.

Microsoft Unveils SharePoint 2010

CEO Steve Ballmer calls the enterprise collaboration suite the biggest and most important SharePoint release to date.

Space Shuttle Successor Ready For Test Flight

NASA's Ares I-X rocket is set to lift off next week on first trial run.

AT&T Pushes Mobile Enterprise Apps

The wireless carrier is extending its enterprise mobile platforms to the hospitality and consumer goods markets.

Government IT Spending To Slow

IT spending by civilian agencies will grow 3.4% annually over the next five years, a significant slowdown compared to the previous five years, according to a new report from TechAmerica.

E-Health Records Put Patient Privacy At Risk

Healthcare IT managers say their organizations aren't adequately protecting electronic health records, survey says.

Google Search Appliance Gets Smart

Corporate searchers can now look forward to more relevant search results, thanks to improvements in the Google Search Appliance.

Symbian Foundation Loses Key Contributor

Catalyst and futurist David Wood will be leaving as the foundation prepares to release the first version of the open source Symbian.

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Web 2.0 Summit -- Coming To You LIVE!
The sold out premier conference -- held from October 20-22 -- will stream sessions live all week, starting with Twitter CEO Evan Williams and ending with Intel CEO Paul Otellini and the always-popular High Order Ignite demonstration sessions. We'll also bring you exclusive new technology demonstrations.

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Alternative IT: Software's New Reality

CIOs are more receptive than ever to new software models - and not because they're trendy.

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10 Steps To Effective Data Classification

In this edition of the InformationWeek Informed CIO series, we reveal how to keep your classification initiative on track.

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Lean Six Sigma for Real Business Results

Lean Six Sigma (LSS) produces real results in difficult economic times by uncovering process waste, reducing non-value adding activity, and increasing productivity. Find out more.
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7 Truths of IT Governance

Faced with budget cuts in today's economic environment, how can IT maintain service levels and continue to provide value to business? Smart IT decision-makers are investing in master data management.
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Featured BloggerWeb 2.0 Summit - Time To Imagine

Posted by Fritz Nelson

As we launch into another exciting week of Web happenings, I had a chance to conduct a video interview with the Web 2.0 Summit Chair, John Battelle about what we could expect to see this year. You can see the interview at our Live Web 2 Summit TV site. We'll stream selected content live, and on demand, throughout the conference on that site. The lineup is pretty impressive, but after talking to Battelle, I'm even more excited. Here's why.


How Much Identity Management Do We Want?

Posted By Michael Hickins

Identity management, from both national security and personal security standpoints, could well be the next big policy debate we have in the United States.

Google Phone To Be A Reality: Analyst

Posted By Eric Zeman

Here we go again. Long thought dead due to the presence of nearly a dozen Android handset models in the market, the Google phone rumor has reappeared. The Google-branded hardware will come with Android 2.0 and use Qualcomm's chips.

Gumblar: Back With A Vengeance

Posted By George Hulme

Earlier this year, the botnet Gumblar made a splash when it infected more than 2,300 Websites, including popular destinations such as, Variety, and Now, security researchers say Gumblar is back in strength and is changing its tactics.

FCC Gets Net Neutrality Boost

Posted By Michael Hickins

Prominent tech companies and individuals associated with the creation of the Internet (although not Al Gore) are filling new Federal Communications Commission chairman Julius Genachowski's inbox with letters in support of his proposed network neutrality rules.


Cut the Cost of IT Infrastructure and Grow Your Company

Discover how WAN optimization can not only offer a lower TCO but also deliver new capabilities, better performance, and enable significant ongoing cost savings. Join us for the webcast to see whether you too can overcome your current challenges and establish your company among the leaders in your field. It happens October 27, 2009 @ 9:00 AM PT/ 12:00 PM ET
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InformationWeek Analytics is conducting a survey on virtualization and business continuity. It takes only 5 minutes to complete. Everyone who takes part will be eligible to win an iPod Touch. Hurry though: The survey only runs through Oct. 23, 2009.

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Making The Business Case For Windows 7

Find out when Windows 7 will be right for your enterprise. If you're weighing whether or not to migrate to Microsoft's new operating system, then be sure to check out the InformationWeek Business Case For Windows 7 virtual event.

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Image Gallery of the Week 

Image Gallery: DIY Linux With SUSE Studio

All you need to create your own SUSE-based Linux distros is a web browser that runs Flash, a decently fast Internet connection, and some working knowledge of Linux.

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See All The Latest IT Innovations At Interop New York

Register for Interop New York and see the full range of IT solutions to position your organization for growth. At the Jacob Javits Center, Nov. 16-20, 2009.

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