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Web 2.0 Special Coverage; Intel Picks And Pans

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TOP STORY: Web 2.0: Google CEO Sees Android Phones Replacing Credit Cards

MORE NEWS: Top 5 Reasons Intel Is Winning And 4 Potential Pitfalls

ANALYTIC REPORT: RFI Responses: The New Data Center Network

WHITEPAPER: Optimizing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Deployments

SLIDESHOW: RockMelt Social Web Browser Revealed

VIDEO: Part 1: Suddenly All Computing is Parallel

BLOG: Unlocked Phones Still A Dream In America

WEBCAST: Turbulence at the Rack Edge

RESOURCES: FREE Enterprise Connect Webinar: Unified Communications for Small-and Medium-Sized Businesses

InformationWeek Daily
InformationWeek Daily  

Wednesday, November 17, 2010


"Any informed borrower is simply less vulnerable to fraud and abuse." -- Alan Greenspan



Web 2.0: Google CEO Sees Android Phones Replacing Credit Cards

Near-field communication chips in the next version of Android will change mobile commerce.


Web 2.0: Adobe CEO Dances Around Developer War

Web 2.0: RIM CEO Says Apps Unnecessary For Web

Watch Shantanu Narayen, President & CEO, Adobe Systems At Web 2.0 Summit


Top 5 Reasons Intel Is Winning And 4 Potential Pitfalls

Wins include the dominance of the Xeon server processor and research into data centers on a chip, while stumbling blocks center on a second-place communications chip business and settling on a potential successor to CEO Paul Otellini.

SAP co-CEO McDermott co-Apologizes to Oracle

As the Oracle-SAP trial starts to wind down, SAP co-CEO Bill McDermott took the stand, apologizing for his company's misdeeds. Now onto the home stretch.

Global CIO: IBM Leads IT Industry With Surge In Analytics & Hardware

The Year's Top Tech Stories: IBM proved reports of its hardware demise were simple-minded delusions and continued to expand its transformative analytics business. (#7 on our Top 10 list.)

On Tablets And Tablet Data Plans

Pricing schemes for tablets have quickly become as complicated as pricing for mobile phones. Here's a quick primer on the current landscape and how the total cost of ownership breaks down.

Facebook Messages Gets Office Integration

Microsoft and Facebook move closer in effort to fend off competition from Google.

U.S. Plans To Overtake China's Supercomputer Top Spot

The government is building or funding at least three supercomputers faster than China's Tianhe-1A, and has plans for more.

Google Rolls Hotpot Mobile Recommendation Tool

Location-based Android widget is now available; iPhone version is on the way.

RIM Pits PlayBook's Browser Against Apple iPad's Safari

Research In Motion on Tuesday published a new video that shows side-by-side how the PlayBook compares to Apple's iPad when it comes to browser performance.

Intel Sued By New Mexico University

Lawsuit claims the microprocessor giant infringed on the school's patented double-patterning lithography used in chip manufacturing.

  Digital Issue  


Deduplication is moving to primary storage, where disk space
can be three times as expensive as backup. We look at use
cases where primary dedupe does -- and doesn't -- make sense.

ALSO: blade server architectures are built for virtualization
and I/O. We get inside designs from Cisco and HP.

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RFI Responses: The New Data Center Network

Today's networks are under increasing pressure to support faster speeds and more virtual machines, and to carry both data and storage traffic. A network upgrade is an ideal time to evaluate the vendor you have in place. It's an opportunity to see whether your vendor's products are a fit with your business requirements or whether another vendor makes more sense.

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Featured Report

Research: Well-Integrated Web Presence

Get strategies and practices for a cohesive approach to your consumer-facing Web sites, based on analysis of our 2010 Corporate Web Presence Survey. Includes impact assessment and best practices framework.

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Featured Report


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Optimizing Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 Deployments

Looking to unlock the power of Exchange Server 2010? This paper sheds light on three reference architectures based on best practices configurations of Dell's latest servers and EqualLogic PS Series SANs to boost efficiency and cut energy costs.
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A New Way of Working: Insights from Global Leaders

In this in-depth study, prepared by the IBM Institute for Business Value and based on a survey of more than 275 senior executives worldwide, you'll learn why and how leading organizations define themselves as dynamic, collaborative, and connected.
Download Now



RockMelt Social Web Browser Revealed

RockMelt, a new browser backed by Mosaic and Netscape web pioneer Marc Andreessen, tightly integrates web browsing with social networking, letting users easily track their Facebook friends, Twitter feeds and changing news feeds, while surfing the web. RockMelt is not the first attempt to reimagine the web browser as a social tool. Back in 2005, the Flock browser was released with similar ambitions. Initially based on Mozilla's Gecko rendering engine, the forthcoming 3.0 version of Flock will, like RockMelt, be based on Google's Chromium browser engine. Despite being just an early preview release, RockMelt offers some of the best social networking features we've seen in a browser and could already be considered one of the best browser choices for heavy Facebook users. And with its Chrome heritage, it is already strong as a standard web browser. Here's a look at some of the key features of the recently released early preview of RockMelt.   View Now


9 Ways Health IT Improves Patient Care

15 Mobile Apps For Better Health


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Part 1: Suddenly All Computing is Parallel

Michael Wrinn's keynote from SIGCSE 2010: With parallel programming models evolving, and a variety of approaches being tried in academia and industry, flexibility is vital.   Watch


PLoS Sample Movie

SMB Reaps the Rewards of ERP




Featured Blogger

Unlocked Phones Still A Dream In America

By Ed Hansberry

Users in Europe have long been able to buy a phone just about anywhere, slip in their SIM from any network and get voice, text and data access. In the US though, this is just a dream, and will likely continue that way for some time to come.


SMBs Blocking Facebook, Twitter, Other Social networks

By Keith Ferrell

Employee access to social networks is blocked by half of small and midsized business, security firm Webroot reports. The company's survey also found that malware and data leakage were the top social network fears.

Architects and Engineers Get Eprint Option

By Lamont Wood

Wide-format HP inkjet allows remote printing of plans and diagrams. Scanning and copying is also supported.

SMBs: Embrace Imperfection

By Michele Pepe-Warren

Think you have to be perfect all the time to succeed? That your business will be "blacklisted" if you make a mistake or if something happens that makes your operation appear less-than-stellar? Not so. In fact, there's one exec who believes you should embrace your humanity, and, as we all know, to err is human.

SSD Lessons From The iPad

By George Crump

In their latest quarterly filings Apple stated that they have sold over 4.2 million iPads, exceeding most people's expectations. So popular is the iPad that Apple is taking some of the lessons learned on the product and incorporating them into their next generation of notebooks starting with the MacBook Air. One of those lessons is how Apple is integrating Solid State Disk (SSD) into the product line. Enterprise storage manufacturers need to pay attention and learn a lesson.


Turbulence at the Rack Edge

The Top-of-Rack (ToR) switch plays an increasingly critical role in data center networks as they continue to grow and evolve. Tune in and discover what turbulence is occurring at the rack edge in data centers today, as well as new technologies and solutions that enable greater levels of scalability, integration and VM-awareness in purpose-built data center Top-of-Rack switching platforms.

Tuesday, November 30, 2010 -- 9:00 AM PT/12:00 PM ET

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