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Web 2.0: Apple's Fetish For Silence

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TOP STORY: Cybersecurity Summit Targets Public, Private Cooperation

MORE NEWS: Explorer's Slip Shows EU's Folly

ANALYTIC REPORT: The iPad In The Enterprise

WHITEPAPER: Guide to Selecting a Hosting Provider

BLOG: Web 2.0: Apple's Fetish For Silence

WEBCAST: Do You Treat Your Business Intelligence As A Corporate Asset?

RESOURCES: Interop 2010 Video: F5 Adds Support For VMware's vMotion Reprovisioning Tech

InformationWeek Daily

 Wednesday, May 5, 2010 


"Hard work has made it easy. That is my secret. That is why I win."
-- Nadia Comaneci 


Cybersecurity Summit Targets Public, Private Cooperation

A gathering of tech industry leaders, policymakers, and national security officials aims to address the risks of cyberattacks on infrastructure.


White House Updates Cybersecurity Orders

Cybersecurity Bill Trims President's Power

Utilities To Bolster Smart Grid Cybersecurity


Explorer's Slip Shows EU's Folly

Microsoft browser's plunge began well before Europe decided to throw an anchor around the software.

Intuit Launches Android App

Users can view bank balances, predict cash flow, review budgets, set alerts, and drill down to check individual transactions.

Comcast Launches Boston Wireless Data Service

The High-Speed 2go service will compete with Verizon's LTE data service, which is testing in the Boston area.

Alvarion WiMax Revenue Down

A 24% decline in earnings from the previous year immediately called into question the health of the WiMax market.

Flaws Found In Coast Guard IT System

IT configuration and security errors weakened the Department of Homeland Security financial system.

Research Correlates CPOE With Reduced Deaths

Computerized physician order entry systems have been lauded for improving efficiencies; now they've been linked to better patient outcomes.

Google To Launch E-Book Store

Exec says Google Editions, which could host as many as a half-million titles at opening, will go live in June or July.

DHHS Awards $220 Million For Health IT

The Beacon Communities, administered by the Department of Health and Human Services, aim to showcase how health IT can improve the care of patients nationwide.

OMB Gets Low Marks On Transparency

The Office of Management and Budget is in charge of the Open Government Directive, but a watchdog group found its plan among the government's worst.



The iPad In The Enterprise

Our editors take Apple's new platform through its paces, in the office and on the road. Here are their (differing) assessments of what works well and what doesn't.

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Featured Report

Advanced Analytics: Seven Steps Toward Adoption

Organizations want to move beyond "rear-view-mirror" reporting, but how can they act preemptively instead of reactively? This report explores the advantage of advanced analytics and helps beginners put basic methods into practice.

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Featured Report


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Guide to Selecting a Hosting Provider

All hosting providers promise the same great service. This guide will help you cut through the marketing messages and get to the meat of what to look for when selecting a hosting provider.
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Web Conferencing Tips

Make meetings more meaningful and productive. The paper explains what to look for when choosing a product and offer guidelines for installing a solution that brings people together in a way that saves you both time and money.
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Featured Blogger

Web 2.0: Apple's Fetish For Silence

By Thomas Claburn

At the Web 2.0 Expo, Apple is everywhere without actually being present. Last month, Web 2.0 co-founders John Battelle and Tim O'Reilly published an open letter to Apple asking the company to participate in the conference. To no one's surprise, Apple did not respond.


IBM Wants Linux' KVM To Compete With VMware

By Charles Babcock

One of IBM's current goals is to "accelerate the maturation of KVM as a world class hypervisor." That may not sound like much to the uninitiated but IBM has picked its targets well in the past. Of course it's now ten years ago that it announced its backing for Linux.

Google Gives Chrome A Kick In The Flash

By Eric Zeman

Google today rolled out a new beta version of its Chrome browser for the Windows, Mac and Linux platforms. In a blog post, Google waxes poetic about all sorts of crazy speed tests (V8, SunSpider, etc.). All you need to know is: It's fast, it works, upgrade now.

Facebook Gets Politics Lesson From Former Privacy Chief

By Bob Evans

Facebook former chief privacy officer Chris Kelly is running for attorney general of the state of California, and in a recent blog post he tries, but not very convincingly, to distance himself from the intense criticism engulfing Facebook over its new data-sharing policies. If the privacy culture he fostered at Facebook crumbled so easily, what does that say about his potential as California's top cop?

T-Mobile myTouch 3G Slide Offers Android 2.1

By Eric Zeman

T-Mobile and HTC announced their latest joint handset with the myTouch branding. The Slide combines a QWERTY keyboard, touch screen and custom software in one not-so-sexy package. But hey, Android 2.1, right?


Do You Treat Your Business Intelligence As A Corporate Asset?

In this webcast, we'll review some of the business scenarios where Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) has proven advantageous and demonstrate the power of having a consolidated repository to manage your business data assets. We'll also discuss the long term benefits of a CBI environment in BI planning, acquisitions and mergers and in IT cost reduction strategies.

It happens May 11, 2010 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

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Interop 2010 Video: F5 Adds Support For VMware's vMotion Reprovisioning Tech

F5's Erick Hammersmark shows how F5's Big IP WAN optimization appliance now supports inter-datacenter transfers of VMware-based virtual machines ('vMotion' style) without clients missing a hitch.

Image Gallery: Top 16 Google Services

Google offers a wide array of services. Some are quite evolved, but some could use some work. Here are the ones that we think are the most compelling.

Government IT Leadership Forum

Join this exclusive gathering of government technology executives to hear first-hand how they're driving change and innovation in federal IT services and operations. Prominent CIOs from civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies will engage an audience of their peers in an open discussion of intelligence gathering and sharing, cybersecurity, open government, cloud computing, and much more.

It happens June 15, 2010 in Washington, DC

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