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Web 2.0: Adobe CTO Slams Apple's Walled Garden

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TOP STORY: Web 2.0: Adobe CTO Slams Apple's Walled Garden

MORE NEWS: Department Of Treasury Web Site Hacked

ANALYTIC REPORT: The iPad In The Enterprise

WHITEPAPER: Guide to Selecting a Hosting Provider

BLOG: Microsoft: Cloud Boosts Piracy

WEBCAST: Do You Treat Your Business Intelligence As A Corporate Asset?

RESOURCES: Interop 2010 Video: F5 Adds Support For VMware's vMotion Reprovisioning Tech

InformationWeek Daily

 Thursday, May 6, 2010 


"The first duty of a revolutionary is to get away with it."
-- Abbie Hoffman 


Web 2.0: Adobe CTO Slams Apple's Walled Garden

Kevin Lynch defends cross-platform development and says Adobe doesn't judge content.


Adobe CEO Calls Jobs' Flash Complaint 'Smokescreen'

Apple CEO Explains Flash Ban

Web 2.0: Have iPad, Will Travel


Department of Treasury Web Site Hacked

Hackers redirected visitors to a malicious site until the agency took the infected site down.

SAS Intros Government Fraud Detection Software

The SAS Fraud Framework identifies links between participants of government programs and suspicious behavior.

Intel Launches Atom CPU For Smartphones

The Z6 low-power processor was released alongside Intel's Moorestown smartphone platform.

NASA Unwraps Open Government Plan

Awards, social networking, and collaboration are key to making the space agency's activities more transparent.

BBB Faults Time Warner, Cox Fiber Ads

The Better Business Bureau sided with Verizon in saying the other companies are misleading consumers to believe they operate all fiber optic networks.

CenturyTel Profits Triple, Qwest's Plunge

The first quarter earnings reports were released as CenturyTel is in the process of acquiring Qwest.

Exclusive: Gmail Ditched By Major University

IT executives at the school say Google's commitment to privacy and security doesn't meet their standards.

Coalition Urges Delay On Meaningful Use Rules

A letter sent by 53 medical associations tells U.S. government that its proposed e-health regulations ask healthcare providers for 'too much, too soon.'

Global CIO: IBM CEO Palmisano Calls For Transportation Transformation

Palmisano's speech shows the power of intelligently applied technology, even in sectors that today seem hopelessly stuck in the past.



The iPad In The Enterprise

Our editors take Apple's new platform through its paces, in the office and on the road. Here are their (differing) assessments of what works well and what doesn't.

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Featured Report

Advanced Analytics: Seven Steps Toward Adoption

Organizations want to move beyond "rear-view-mirror" reporting, but how can they act preemptively instead of reactively? This report explores the advantage of advanced analytics and helps beginners put basic methods into practice.

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Featured Report


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Guide to Selecting a Hosting Provider

All hosting providers promise the same great service. This guide will help you cut through the marketing messages and get to the meat of what to look for when selecting a hosting provider.
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Web Conferencing Tips

Make meetings more meaningful and productive. The paper explains what to look for when choosing a product and offer guidelines for installing a solution that brings people together in a way that saves you both time and money.
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Featured Blogger

Microsoft: Cloud Boosts Piracy

By Bob Evans

Microsoft's head of anti-piracy efforts says the bad guys are still "one step ahead" of the company's efforts to stifle the $50 billion global software-piracy problem and believes that the rise of cloud computing will make it even tougher to clamp down on the copy-crazy crooks.


Newest iPhone OS Beta Reveals Yet More Features

By Eric Zeman

Apple recently released a third beta of iPhone OS 4.0 to developers. After spending a day with the code, developers have found a few new features previously undisclosed by Apple.

Cloud's Role In Backup, Part II

By George Crump

In our last entry we discussed how the backup process is a natural fit for the use of cloud storage and how the first model of cloud backup is being used. In this entry we will discuss the second of the other two cloud backup implementation methods, hybrid cloud storage and then tomorrow we will cover cloud enabled enterprise backup.

A Decade Ago, ILoveYou Worm Changed Security

By George Hulme

It's been a decade to the week since the infamous "Love Bug "or ILoveYou virus hammered in-boxes around the world. While mass-mailer viruses of this type don't make headlines anymore, the ILoveYou virus forever changed the face of IT security.

Parature 'Friends' Customer Service With Facebook

By Eric Zeman

With tools such as Facebook and Twitter at the disposal of consumers, companies and brands have more work on their hands than ever before to monitor and respond to complaints. Parature's newest Facebook tool brings the power of customer service to social media.

Verizon Shoots Microsoft In The Foot Over Kin

By Eric Zeman

Verizon Wireless and Microsoft revealed the final set of details regarding the new Kin One and Kin Two social networking phones. The phones are being targeted at younger users, but Verizon has effectively killed Kin's adoption by kinder with an expensive monthly smartphone plan.


Do You Treat Your Business Intelligence As A Corporate Asset?

In this webcast, we'll review some of the business scenarios where Consolidated Business Intelligence (CBI) has proven advantageous and demonstrate the power of having a consolidated repository to manage your business data assets. We'll also discuss the long term benefits of a CBI environment in BI planning, acquisitions and mergers and in IT cost reduction strategies.

It happens May 11, 2010 at 10:00 AM PT / 1:00 PM ET

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Interop 2010 Video: F5 Adds Support For VMware's vMotion Reprovisioning Tech

F5's Erick Hammersmark shows how F5's Big IP WAN optimization appliance now supports inter-datacenter transfers of VMware-based virtual machines ('vMotion' style) without clients missing a hitch.

Image Gallery: Top 16 Google Services

Google offers a wide array of services. Some are quite evolved, but some could use some work. Here are the ones that we think are the most compelling.

Government IT Leadership Forum

Join this exclusive gathering of government technology executives to hear first-hand how they're driving change and innovation in federal IT services and operations. Prominent CIOs from civilian, defense, and intelligence agencies will engage an audience of their peers in an open discussion of intelligence gathering and sharing, cybersecurity, open government, cloud computing, and much more.

It happens June 15, 2010 in Washington, DC

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