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VoiceCon Standards Clash; Palm's Cautionary Tale

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TOP STORY: Vendors Clash Over Lack Of Standards At VoiceCon

MORE NEWS: Mathias On Mobility: Palm's Cautionary Tale

ANALYTIC REPORT: Tipping The Scales: 2010 Data Center Operational Trends

WHITEPAPER: 2 Alternative Enterprise Operating Systems Revealed

BLOG: Virtual Lab Managers Pave Path To Cloud

WEBCAST: Databases at Risk -- and HOWTO Address Them

RESOURCES: 2010 InformationWeek Government IT Innovators

InformationWeek Daily

 Wednesday, March 24, 2010 




InformationWeek's Green Issue
Data centers have never been more strategic. But growing demands, flat budgets, and emerging technologies have IT teams sweating. Discover six critical trends in making them run more efficiently and cost effectively -- only in our March 22 digital issue!

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Vendors Clash Over Lack Of Standards At VoiceCon

The lack of interoperability among Unified Communications systems sparked discussion at the conference's session on next-gen architectures.


VoiceCon 2010 Spotlights Convergence

Opportunities, Challenges Of UC In Healthcare

How Companies Are Making Unified Communications Pay Off


Mathias On Mobility: Palm's Cautionary Tale

The smartphone maker placed all its hopes on webOS, but no one cares about operating systems anymore, at least not directly -- we buy user interfaces and apps.

Federal CIOs Seek Direction On Open Government

Agency officials say they are taking steps to make government more transparent, but worry that their efforts lack structure and could come at a price for security.

Clearwire Expanding To LA, Miami

Seven more cities will get Clearwire's WiMax service by the end of the year, the firm announced at CTIA.

500 Million Wi-Fi Phones To Ship In 2014

Consumer demand and higher profits are driving carriers and device makers to embrace the once-shunned wireless handset technology.

Android Builds Extend Corona SDK Beyond iPhone

Generating apps that run on multiple mobile platforms is getting easier.

Opera Submits iPhone Browser To Apple

Apple will determine whether Opera Mini, reviewed as speedier than Apple's Safari browser, will be offered in its App Store.

"Abnormal is so common, it's practically normal."
-- Corey Doctorow 

FCC Mulls Spectrum For Medical Gear

The designation of low-frequency wireless spectrum for Medical Body Area Networks, or MBAN, could drive adoption of low-cost telehealth applications for home use.

More Want iPad Than Kindle

Consumer interest in e-readers and tablets has risen dramatically, fueled largely by the publicity surrounding the iPad.



Tipping The Scales: 2010 Data Center Operational Trends

Fiscal discipline and business-focused IT delivery are guiding principles for today's data center professionals. Now the question is, how can those charged with physical operation add efficiency, manage virtualization up and down the stack, wisely adopt new technologies, and track every watt and bit of space -- all while feeling the heat?

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Featured Report

RoboNets: Application-Aware Networks Advance

Switch vendors have been plotting for years to sideline severs by making their devices application aware, with some envisioning a day when data centers are little more than a collection of virtual machines running on a giant switch.

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2 Alternative Enterprise Operating Systems Revealed

Uncover the secrets to an effective mobile device strategy that will create more informed decisions, accelerated transactions, stronger customer and business partner relationships while providing timely onsite service.
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Faster Customer Response Times: The Secret Revealed

Discover an an integrated, Web-based sales reporting system that enables better decisions by quickly sensing changes in customer preferences and responding in real-time.
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Featured BloggerVirtual Lab Managers Pave Path To Cloud

By Charles Babcock

I've tried to make this point before: The path to the cloud lies through the virtualization of your own data center infrastructure. The two things are intertwined. And just when I'm wondering how to get the point across again, along comes a "snapshot" from Voke Research to clinch the case.


HTC EVO 4G Is The 'Super' Phone For Sprint

By Eric Zeman

Sprint and handset maker HTC have finally debuted the long-rumored WiMax-powered Android smartphone. It's called the EVO 4G. Think of it as an HD2 on steroids. Huge screen, fast processor, lots of sex appeal.

HTC Opens Online Store To Sell Its Goods

By Eric Zeman

In what looks to be direct competition with Google, HTC has opened up a new online store in the U.S. What's for sale? Why its phones, of course. Too bad they all come with a contract attached.

Proceed Gradually With Fibre Channel Over Ethernet

By George Crump

There has been some concern recently of Fibre Channel Over Ethernet's (FCoE's) readiness to be deployed as an IT infrastructure. While the technology will continue to develop, it should be suitable for many environments. No one should be suggesting that the move to FCoE is a total rip-and-replace, but more of a gradual move as the opportunity arises.

Skype For Verizon To Be Available March 25

By Eric Zeman

If you've been waiting for Verizon's Skype Mobile application to become available, your wait is nearly over. It will be free to download starting tomorrow, and works with some of the best-selling smartphones from Verizon.

Galaxy S Newest Android Handset From Samsung

By Eric Zeman

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away... No, actually, today, right here on Earth, Samsung announced its latest Android handset, the Galaxy S. The Galaxy S packs a four-inch AMOLED display and a 1GHz processor.


Databases at Risk -- and HOWTO Address Them

If your SAP, Oracle Financials, PeopleSoft or product design system were breached by cybercriminals with compromised superuser credentials -- would you know? Could you prove it to your auditors?

It happens March 25, 2010 @ 11:00 AM PT / 2:00 PM ET

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