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VIRUSfighter Goes Vista

BOCA RATON, Fla. -- SPAMfighter ApS has recently released a new version of the antivirus program, VIRUSfighter with the same capabilities but now compatible with Windows Vista operating system in order to give users the best antivirus program for their Vista-based PCs. VIRUSfighter offers a free 30-day trial for all computer systems and now also a special version exclusive for Windows Vista. To protect and secure your information download the new free version of VIRUSfighter at

“We believe that computer security is very important, and want to make sure we offer our products for the latest forms of technology so everyone can be protected. Computer viruses and malware are not going anywhere, anytime soon, so it is extra important people keep themselves protected from the new risks out there,” comments co-founder Martin Thorborg.

VIRUSfighter is an anti-virus program that runs discreetly in the background in conjunction with a user’s firewall. VIRUSfighter works by scanning files for any viruses or malicious software. As soon as a new outbreak occurs, VIRUSfighter releases an antidote giving users protection against the latest threats.

“Antivirus is the second biggest security technology used after firewalls and viruses represent the highest and most dangerous type of computer attack detected at the PC level, which only assures the need to have a product like VIRUSfighter ready to interact in any Windows operating system either at the consumer or business level,” said Alix Aranza, Managing Director for SPAMfighter North America.